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Instagram has reportedly suspended a number of Iranian profiles. Just mentioning Qasem Soleimani has gotten posts deleted. Facebook says Instagram is complying with US sanctions. President Trump has designated the Iranian Guard Corps a terrorist organization. But international and Iranian journalist advocates cry foul. They say the Gram is censoring any Iranian who even mentions….

Instagram is suspending Iranian profiles and deleting posts that mention Qasem Soleimani. The general died in a targeted killing ordered by Trump last week. The mass deletions drew outrage from Iranian government officials.

International journalist advocacy groups in Iran and Belgium are pushing back too. A Facebook spokesperson reportedly said in a statement:. The International Federation of Journalists says at least 15 Iranian journalists have reported losing their accounts. Amir Rashidi, a New York-based Iranian internet security and digital rights researcher, is quoted in Coda as saying any Iranian that mentioned Soleimani on Instagram had their posts deleted:. Every person I saw that posted about Soleimani on Instagram, almost all of their posts have been removed.

The only platform where we could freely express ourselves was Instagram. And now Instagram is censoring us. So Iranians are now caught between censorship efforts by Instagram and their own government. The Islamic Republic of Iran itself has blocked a number of social media platforms in Iran. Instagram is one of the last remaining Western social media platforms Iranians are allowed to access. As a result, it has become an important one for Iranian expression, commerce, and connection with the rest of the world.

The International Federation of Journalists is demanding an end to what the federation calls censorship of Iranian media on Instagram :. This poses an immediate threat to freedom of information in Iran, as Instagram is the only international social media platform currently still operating in the country. Read More.

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E3 has been announced, but what about E3 ? Does anyone even care about E3 anymore? Ignoring the writing on the wall is conference…. They say the Gram is censoring any Iranian who even mentions Soleimani. He calls it censorship, and laments the lack of options for Iranian free speech: The only platform where we could freely express ourselves was Instagram. Federation of Journalists Rebukes Instagram The International Federation of Journalists is demanding an end to what the federation calls censorship of Iranian media on Instagram : This poses an immediate threat to freedom of information in Iran, as Instagram is the only international social media platform currently still operating in the country.

The AIJT says it goes against: …global standard principles including freedom of speech and media and therefore demands immediate correction of such measures.Instagram appears to be caught in the crossfire of international politics.

Facebook has confirmed to CNN that it pulled posts and accounts supporting slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani in order to obey US sanctions against the country's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its leaders. The International Federation of Journalists noted that some of the accounts had been restored, but the pro-Soleimani posts were still gone -- and some of the accounts that were offline included whole news agencies.

As Instagram is one of the few social media services that isn't blocked in Iranthis limits both the outside world's ability to see Iranian perspectives even if they're dictated by the state and the country's ability to disseminate news on less contentious topics. Not surprisingly, the Iranian government and journalists inside the country have objected to the move. Membes of the Association of Iranian Journalists in Tehran have written directly to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri asking him to stop censoring their media.

Government spokesperson Ali Rabiei, meanwhile, claimed the removals represented an "undemocratic and unashamed action" while sidestepping his country's own censorship practices. These pleas might not get much traction. So long as Instagram is interpreting the sanctions correctly in the first place, it's bound by US law -- the alternative could involve facing far stiffer penalties.

Iranians might not see a loosened stance on their content unless there's a change in US policies. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Google bans apps with deceptive subscription offers from the Play Store. Charter is the first cable company with a deal for HBO Max. GitHub's core code tools are now free for everyone. Latest in Gear.

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adam mosseri iranian

Facebook finally lets desktop users opt-in to dark mode. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.In the aftermath of the killing of Iran's major general Qassem Soleimani, Iranian journalists have reported the censorship of their Instagram accounts.

Posts about Soleimani have disappeared from Instagram which is currently the only operational international social media site within Iran. In a letter to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the Association of Iranian Journalists in Tehran, Iran, called the censorship "unprecedented in the history of social networks and in conflict with the very innate actuality of media. Newsweek reached out to Mosseri for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Stephanie Otway, a spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, told codastory. Officials in Iran said the social media censorship was the fault of the U. Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiel tweeted Monday that Instagram's removal of posts about Suleimani was "undemocratic. The stick behind the democracy and media freedom is displayed in the nick of time. Countries have turned to internet censorship to quiet dissenters, attempt to quash protests or to keep the news from other countries from reaching their people.

Iran throttled and stopped internet access to its citizens during anti-government protests that occurred in and North Korea has been known to block prevent information from outside its borders. On North Korea's biggest mobile network, Koryolink, subscribers cannot access any sites from outside the country, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Russia conducted a successful test of its own internet system in December As previously reported by NewsweekRussian President Vladimir Putin has expressed a desire to create a Russian version of the popular user-edited site Wikipedia. We are talking about this with our colleagues. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.Prosecutors said she intensified her espionage as tensions between the United States and Iran increased in recent months.

Prosecutors said the contractor, Mariam Taha Thompson, 61, revealed to a Lebanese man with ties to Hezbollah the names of foreign informants and details of the information they provided to the United States.

Thompson endangered the lives of the sources as well as those of military personnel. The officials suggested that the potential loss of classified information was grave and that the prosecution was one of the most serious recent counterintelligence cases they had seen. Several top national security prosecutors as well as the U.

Thompson made an initial appearance before a judge, demonstrating the importance of the case. Demers, the assistant attorney general for national security, said in a statement. The recruitment of a military contractor with access to such important secrets shows the strength of the intelligence operations of Iran and its proxy forces. In interviews with the F.

Thompson admitted to investigators that she illegally shared classified information with the Lebanese official, according to court papers. Thompson appeared in court dressed in a red cardigan, her gray-streaked hair in a bun, but was not shackled. The judge ordered her held until a detention hearing on March She faces three charges of violating espionage laws. Under the statuteshe could face up to life in prison and possibly the death penalty if the information she revealed led to the death of any of the informants.

adam mosseri iranian

Thompson was living in Erbil, Iraq, working on contract as a linguist. As tensions between the United States and Iran increased in the final days of December, investigators discovered, Ms.

For the next six weeks, she accessed secret government files that contained the true names and photographs of American intelligence sources and government cables that outlined the information they provided to their handlers.

Qassim Suleimani of Iran in a Jan. The suspected leaks of classified information came at a critical time when Iranian proxy forces, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, were looking for ways to retaliate for the killing of General Suleimani, the architect of nearly every significant operation by Iranian intelligence and military forces over the past two decades. Investigators searched Ms. Thompson told investigators that she provided classified information by memorizing it, writing it down, then showing the note to the Lebanese man when they spoke by video chat on her mobile phone.Posted January 15, Social media giant Facebook has admitted to censoring posts in support of slain Iranian General Qassem Soleimani that it says violate US sanction laws, including posts from dozens of Iranian journalists and Instagram influencers.

In the days following the US drone strike that killed General Soleimanithousands of Iranians flooded their social media accounts with tributes to the high-ranking General. Many found their posts had been deleted for "violating community standards", while some users found their accounts had been deleted altogether, including at least 15 Iranian journalists, the Association of Iranian Journalists in Tehran AIJT said.

In a statement provided to the ABC, Facebook admitted to deleting posts and accounts that it said did not comply with US sanctions. Facebook and its parent company Instagram are required to adhere to US sanctions laws, which the company said "vary by circumstance". While some profiles had been restored, the International Federation of Journalists IJF claimed posts simply mentioning General Soleimani were deleted permanently.

IFJ general secretary Anthony Bellanger said: "At a time when Iranian citizens need access to information it is unacceptable that Instagram should choose to censor Iranian media and individual journalists and users. In its letter to Instagram the AIJT dubbed the move as "unprecedented in the history of social networks and in conflict with the very innate actuality of media" and said the action goes "against global standard principles including freedom of speech and media and therefore demands immediate correction of such measures".

adam mosseri iranian

Roshan Rizvi, who manages several Facebook pages about Indian politics with more than 40, followers, said he can't access any of his accounts after he was banned for commemorating the death of General Soleimani. General Soleimani was also a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war of the s, a hero to many Shiite Muslims and popular in many quarters of the Middle East. The Iranian Government has called for nationwide legal action against Instagram in protest, creating a portal for the app's users to submit examples of posts the company removed, according to Iranian media.

Facebook admits censoring posts supporting slain Iranian General Qassem Soleimani

The government issued the call on its website on Tuesday local time, saying the move by Instagram "once again served to prove [the US's attempt at imposing] a one-way flow of information and its new way of trying to enforce its rule through Washington-associated social networks. The platform has an estimated 24 million active users in Iran, though reports say it's only a matter of time before it gets blocked by the government. In a tweet, Iran's government spokesperson, Ali Rabiei, called Instagram's actions "undemocratic.

In some cases, social media users have said the measures have gone even further with posts including Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei being removed.

Iranian influencers, human rights advocates and activists have also experienced account shutdowns. Muslim activist Afreen Rizvi faced severe restrictions for posting a photo of Ayatollah Khamenei kissing General Soleimani on the cheek with the comment, "My heart is broken". S[oleimani]," she said in a Facebook post. Meanwhile US President Donald Trump has retweeted a fake image depicting congressional Democrats' top-ranked leaders in traditional Muslim attire in front of the Iranian flag.

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adam mosseri iranian

An entire news quiz without a mention of the word "coronavirus"?But its most likely immediate effect will be to ratchet up pressure on the Iraqi government to expel US troops from Iraq. And that would mean Iran extending its already substantial influence over Iraqi government and society. But Trump has consistently increased tensions and courted confrontation with Iran. The peaceful protests began in early Octoberand Iraqi officials, urged on by Suleimani, responded with a bloody crackdown that killed hundreds of protesters.

Iranian-allied militias and politicians responded to the protests in part by trying to divert attention to US influence in Iraq. The Pentagon responded with massive retaliationlaunching airstrikes against five militia bases in Iraq and Syria.

The strikes killed at least two dozen and wounded 50 fighters.

Thus began the latest cycle of tit-for-tat violence — over a holiday weekend when most Americans were not paying attention to the news. Iraqis rallied in anger at the continued presence of 5, US troops in Iraq. Members of the Iraqi parliament began calling for the expulsion of US forces and an end to security cooperation with Washington.

The siege continued for a second day, until militia leaders called on their supporters to go home. The crisis appeared to have been resolved by Wednesday night, when the protesters left the Green Zone.

But the administration was preparing a far more severe responsewhich unfolded last night. Suleimani was no ordinary general or spymaster. Suleimani nurtured a cult of personality at home and abroad, as a heroic commander and military planner who engineered an expansion of Iranian influence across the Middle East, with Shia militias and clients stretching from Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and Yemen.

Many Iranians and Iraqis credit him with a major role in defeating Isis. There will be enormous pressure on Iran and its allies to retaliate for his killing. When Trump took office, there was no US crisis with Iran. Trump constantly mentions his supposed desire to end US involvement in foreign wars — in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. But since May the Pentagon has deployed more than 14, troops to the Middle East.

John Bolton, who was then national security adviser, lobbied for a new confrontation with Iran. Trump eventually forced Bolton to resignbut he continues to be influenced by his allies in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who hype the Iran threat. As Trump hesitated to take military action at several points, Iranian leaders made boastful statements about US weakness.

In a speech in JulySuleimani directly addressed Trump after he warned the Iranian president not to threaten the US. Topics US foreign policy Opinion. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular.Those who are following the tension between the United States and Iran saw that President Donald Trump and the national security team have offered shifting explanations for the airstrike that killed top Iranian military leader Gen.

Qassem Soleimani. Obviously, U. Meanwhile, Instagram the Facebook-owned social media platform has decided to remove posts and profiles that support Soleimani. The platform has informed it is complying with the sanctions imposed by the U. Instagram and Facebook are open about their willingness to ban users who share content that promotes terrorism. Since Soleimani was one of the most important people in the Revolutionary Guard, defending him could fit into the description of promoting terrorism.

According to The Washington Postso far at least 15 media outlets and journalists in Iran have lost their Instagram accounts. By working collaboratively, the group managed to identify the location of a video showing an Iranian missile hitting the plane and other details about the crash.

On Jan. On the same afternoon, the Philippines saw not only flights being cancelled and schools being shut, but also dozens of hoaxes going viral on social media. One of them, for example, consisted of Facebook posts claiming that the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council had raised the level of alert related to the Taal Volcano from four to five — meaning it had reached the most dangerous level in the scale.

In an official statement, released Monday, however, the government denied it as the fact-checkers spread the news.

Translator Accused of Revealing U.S. Secrets Amid Tensions With Iran

Rappler also debunked a hoax that claimed the weather anchor from ABS-CBN and journalists from BBC said people should turn off their cell phones because they could emit strong radiation due to cosmic rays.

This falsehood has been circulating online for a long time. Some good explanatory pieces of content were also written. It attacked false information that could cause panic. It debunked images and published explanatory articles with facts that could be useful for those who were looking for good information.

Feel free to send feedback and suggestions to factually poynter. DanielSusan and Cristina. Home Fact-Checking Stories from Iran are keeping fact-checkers really busy. Stories from Iran are keeping fact-checkers really busy. Media Matters for America, a liberal nonprofit organization, tallied how many supporters of the conspiracy theory QAnon are running for U. Congress in The results of the count are disheartening.